Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We had a trip to Granada on Friday with our program and we went to the Alhambra (in the rain) and then had a huge buffet lunch that included Paella and ice cream! Then we were set loose in the city and we stayed for the weekend. The first night we went out and sampled the free tapas. The next day my friend Jackie and I met up with my friend Adrienne (from Federated Church) who is studying in Granada for the semester and we went to the Parque de las cincias and then an Arab Tea House. On Sunday we went to mass at the Grand Cathedral of Granada and got some delicious pastries for the bus ride back to Cordoba!

Here is a picture when we first got to the Alhambra in the mist and rain.

View from the Alhambra


Arches made to look like stalactites.

This was a room where you could talk into the wall on one side and the person on the other side could hear you as if it were through a speaker. It was weird and really cool.
Cool Gardens

Albert, Adrienne, Me at the Science Museum
My friend in Granada.
Birds of Prey
My profile. Apparently I have good posture.
The Sierra Nevada Mountains with a tower in front with giant ants crawling up it.
Federated Church in Granada!
Free Tapas!
Arab Quarter
Grand Cathedral
Really cool weathervane
More Alhambra

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